Mirror Resilvering



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Many homeowners are confronted with the problem of deteriorating antique mirrors.


When your mirrors begin to lose their shine, you're going to be faced with the question of whether to have a repair mirror installed, invest in resilvering, or just leave your antique as is.

We can return most mirrors to their original clarity. If this is not possible a new mirror can be made. It can be cut and beveled to match the original shape. We have been in operation for 25 years and have resilvered thousands of mirrors.

Turn Your Old Mirrors Into New Again! Yes it is possible. Do you have a mirror with a beautiful bevelled edge, And maybe with some floral designs, Or it could be a family heirloom. But the mirror does not have that clear brilliance it once had when you first purchased it or maybe it has a haziness and some streaking that is starting to show through.

At Bear Glass Inc we can resilver that mirror using the same process that was used over 100 years ago, which will keep your mirror with that original antique value!